Sunday, 4 September 2016

WhatsApp tips & tricks on Andriod

WhatsApp just keeps on growing, adding new features and users all the time. The prospect of sending texts and making calls for free has tempted a whopping 800 million people onto the Facebook-owned app at last count.

If you're one of them, chances are there are a few elements of the app that still seem puzzling or annoying – here are few tips & tricks

Check when your WhatsApp message was read

You can tell when your message has been read in WhatsApp when the two ticks next to it in the chat window turn blue. Sometimes you may want to get a little extra detail.

Just tap and hold on the message and then tap the Info icon, and you'll get a precise time.

Send messages in bulk

You might want to save some time by sending out a bulk message, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you want all the recipients to know it's a group message.

The broadcast feature lets you send out the same message to multiple contacts, but it will appear as a private message between the two of you for them. In Android, tap Menu, and then ‘New Broadcast’.  

Get back deleted messages

WhatsApp backs up messages on your device every morning at 4AM. The easiest way to recover a recently deleted message is to uninstall the app and reinstall it.

During the process it will ask if you want to restore from backup. This will cover the last seven days. If you want to restore an older chat on Android, use an app like ES File Explorer and go to sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases to see your backups.

Rename the file you want to msgstore.db.crypt and then go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Clear data, then start it up and restore when prompted.

Stop WhatsApp images from showing in your camera roll

You probably don't want all the images from WhatsApp to appear in your Camera Roll on iOS, or in your Gallery or Photos app on Android.

It's easy to sort on iOS, just go to Settings > Privacy > Photos and toggle WhatsApp off.

On Android, use a file manager like ES File Explorer, and go to sdcard/WhatsApp/Media,then tap New at the bottom left in any folder you don't want shared, and create a file called .nomedia. Your images won't pop up in the gallery anymore.

Lock the WhatsApp app

You have a wide choice of security apps that will enable you to password or PIN protect your WhatsApp chats.

Try Messenger and Chat Block, AppLock, or Smart AppLock. Some of these apps will even snap a photo if someone tries to access the app without the right PIN, so you can catch snoopers.

On Windows Phone you can try WhatsApp Locker.

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