Thursday, 4 May 2017

Pin SSRS 2016 components to Power BI dashboard

Here in this blog I will explain how to 'pin' SSRS 2016 components on Power BI desktop. 

Very first step is to configure Power BI account on 'Reporting Services Configuration Manager'. Navigate to 'Power BI Integration' tab at the end. Click 'Register With Power BI' button and signin with power bi account.

Once you have registered you can see the pin to Power BI icon on the toolbar

Next step is ensure that you 'SQL Server Agent' service is up & running. This will be required to refresh the SSRS component pinned to Power BI dashboard. 

Click on the 'Pin To Power BI' button on toolbar, login screen will be presented. After login is successful, the components on report which can be pinned will be highlighted. 

Select the item and option for selecting work space, dashboard, frequency of update will be presented. Select the appropriate options and click 'OK'. 

After you click 'Pin' the selected report item will be pinned to selected dashboard.

IMPORTANT: Please note that not all the component from reports can be pinned. The following report items can be pinned to a Power BI dashboard. You cannot pin items that are nested inside a data region. For example you cannot pin an item that is nested inside a Reporting Services table or list.
  • Charts
  • Gauge panels
  • Maps
  • Images
  • Items need to be in the report body. You cannot pin items that are in the page header or page footer.
  • You can pin individual items that are inside a top level rectangle but you cannot pin them all as a single group.


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